Sunday, June 29, 2008

confusion break bone

"Sufferhead must go. Jeffahead must come."
- Fela Kuti
In rehearsal, our associate choreographer is most often the spiritual center for the company, and, as associate director, I most often keep a passionate distance - questioning and considering the choices we make.

This afternoon, with the associate choreographer gone, I became acutely aware of how distanced I had become in my relationship to the creative team. I found myself in a unique position to be a generating artist, critical outside eye and engaged nurturing force.

I hope to make room for more of this spiritual vulnerability as rehearsals continue.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

The goal is to live in a world where one doesn't have to compromise her spirit.

But, if one never compromises her spirit, is there ever any consideration for others? Is there every any struggle and subsequent reflection?

So, maybe the goal is to live in a world where we are constantly aware that we are pursuing our desires within a community, with an honest and acute respect for other's pursuits.