Tuesday, November 24, 2009

He's Baaaaack

Yo yo yo - so, the last several months have been challenging and exciting and empowering. Bill T. Jones has been pushing me and the company of FELA! to make the best possible work we could ever achieve. He's phenomenal and has lead us toward great art making. I'm sincerely thankful. And I hope many folks get to see FELA! on broadway.

10 weeks of rehearsals (5 of which coincided with previews - rehearsals during the day, shows at night) have left me with such intimate relationships with the entire company and with Fela's world and music. The room of artists that Bill and our producer Steve brought together was in constant creative motion - making and remaking and cutting and adding and pushing and sharing and thinking and throwing down. Whew - if every process could be this wrought with commitment, I'd never hunger.

Anywho - a post a little less diary like and a little less gushy to come - but needed to get this one out.

Love and selah!