Sunday, April 25, 2010


F.T.L. Abbreviation of: Follow The Leader
Function: blog posts pertaining to my upcoming conceptual walk for Elastic City
Etymology: Middle English folwen [the] Old English ̄dan

"The fortified aspect of the place is emblematic, its high civic ideals lost in the menacing character of high fences, metal detectors and concrete bollards."

Friday, April 23, 2010

425D's First Short Film

Help! Watch 425D's short film and win us Free Space!
Simply click here, watch our submission to the end and you bring us one step closer to winning free rehearsal space at Space on White. Be entertained and inspired, all for a good cause.

What is 425D? Watch our film to find out!

425D: Space on White
a commission by Jordan Seavey
directed by Stephen Brackett, Lauren Keating, Niegel Smith and Awoye Timpo
featuring: Jocelyn Bio as Niegel, Stephanie Dimaggio as Lauren, Lucas Kavner as Stephen and Bonna Tek & Margo Hammond as Awoye