Saturday, December 8, 2007



I am terribly afraid of intimacy and using language to explore my experiences.

I know that only two folks even know about this blog, but I am still filled with a terrible anxiety every day when I consider drafting a post.


Focused reflection,
on a personal level,
is not a strength of mine.
In fact,
I often shrug opportunities
to discuss the events and moments
of my life.
Present readers,
Kj and Todd, excluded.

When I share with you, I feel stronger, more focused and loved. When I struggle to share with others or myself, I often feel inadequate, meandering, fool-hearted. This may be the greatest barrier or obstacle between me and creating new communities and truly investing in my current ones.

Maybe there is something unique in my relationship to Todd and Kj that I need to uncover in myself and the other folks around me.

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