Friday, April 15, 2011

Lagos III

FELA! Homecoming @
The New Africa Shrine


  1. FANTASTIC!!!! All the Way Excellent Shots!
    Thank you so very very much your photographing is totally "on Point"....really brings home the energy and the feel of this most Excellent performance / Tribute . What a HONOR that it must be to be anyway a part of this historical event bringing the message ,the Afrobeat back home to the "Motherland" -the New Shrine! "Music is the weapon of the Future" That future is Here/ NOW-sight? Espically so very very Happy to see my Dear Friend Rujeko Dumbutshena . I Have to say! Thank you major Blessing to witness vicariously through your lens/images.
    ~~~~O~N~E~~~L~O~V~E~~~ Brother Thom ~ Fela' LIVES!~

  2. Way to go, Kalakuta!!!!! Beautiful pics, Niegel....

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  4. Amazing photos. I hope everyone has a wonderful time and returns home safely.

  5. Niegel,
    i didn't see all these pics...
    i'm so proud i did do the lighting on this one...

    Lighting regards

    Vincent Gornet